Wednesday October 28, 2020
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When The Sun Fell In Love With The Moon

Seleska Sharma
Seleska Sharma 1 MONTH AGO 176 views
Literature Photo By Burak K From Pexels

Sun: When I close my eyes, miles melt away,

Like you're here with me at the end of the day,

Bring me the night and send out the star,

'cause when I'm dreaming we don't seem so far,

And this brings me the you,

The only you among very few.


Moon: You bring out delight when you're infront,

Yet searching the darkness like forever you haunt,

But I show shyness when you're far away,

It's the circle of life and that's all I can say.


Sun: All the shadows of clouds I cannot hide,

Only thing I wish is YOU by my side,

This future looks so beautiful and bright,

Even god is smiling down on us tonight,

So bring me the night, tell me it's here,

Give me a chance to pretend that you're there.


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Moon: I do not know if the days are as slow as they seem,

We, meeting each other is more like just a dream,

But all this life's still yet longer to live,

Dwelling in dark with brightness is all now I can give.


Sun: I want to freeze the day before it disappears,

But suddenly the clouds fall rolling down their tears,

So darken the sky, today you must light up, moon,

So that somehow I could hope you will be here with me soon.


Moon: Everyone is a moon and each one has a dark side,

It's ok if all shadows of clouds you cannot hide,

I will guide you through the night protecting you from the delf,

Going to the moon is not that far, 

Man has so much farther to go within himself.

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