Friday July 19, 2024
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What if....

Seleska Sharma
Seleska Sharma 3 YEARS AGO 790 views
Perception Britney Sahin

Let's call it a brainstorm. All of a sudden, I had a gust of mind. I thought about why does 'fear' even exist if people say nothing is impossible? If everything could be accomplished then, what should people fear or panic about? Well, the fact is that nothing is ever always possible and humans can never fulfil all their drives. However, this isn't the reason of agitation. The foremost and vital reason according to me, is , "what if...." What if I fail? What if people judge me? Ehat if I couldn't keep up with everyone's expectations? What if I put myself in danger for doing this? What if I lose somebody special? What if I couldn't return again? What if I couldn't succeed? What if I happen to forget? What if I stammer? What if I don't do it the right way? What if people start hating me? What if I couldn't give my all in the process? What if I have to choose between two? What if I lose myself? What if I die? So many 'what ifs' keep wandering in our cognition causing dissonance all the time because none of them are answered, just like a mystery. The day, one overcomes and gets rid of all these what ifs while being alive, that individual wins over all kind of trepidation and insecurities in life. It will not be easy but it is worth it.


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