Friday April 19, 2024
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The Solace in Nature

Samir Gurung
Samir Gurung 3 YEARS AGO 1772 views
Literature Samir Gurung

On a fine morning the yellow sunshine and clouds portray their beauty, out of the blue and the green landscape where the hearth of every life lies gets perfection and a certain place now becomes the favoured Nature. Eyes keep clinging on the ravishing scenery, every thought keeps lingering on in the empty mind and the warm feeling of solace tickles the heart.


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No wonder your comfort lies in that particular view and you can't get enough of that. This sudden moment overwhelms you with happiness, makes you forget about all your weariness and grimace. Eyes, mind and the heart connect with eachother to bring out the best of that moment; all you do is breath in the air of safe haven.


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