Friday July 19, 2024
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Spiel about her Eyes

Samir Gurung
Samir Gurung 3 YEARS AGO 909 views
Literature Samir Gurung

With a faint smile and her dream close  yet to come, she walks again. Her feeble bare feet bear the weight of her determination, as she steps in the green nature, the gesture soothes her countless pains and scars that led her life on and on in a pit with no shoulder to lean on. The hardship and delicacy from each living day embroider a firm faith that she can lean on. She spreads her bird like wings up high and the cold gust of breeze touches her reddened cheeks and makes her bangs fall time to time. As she fixes her bangs the scenery is exotic too beautiful but it's her eyes they only fall for.

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