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The 3 a.m. Diary: Sorrows In The Hush of Night.

Samir Gurung
Samir Gurung 3 YEARS AGO 1873 views
Perception Samir Gurung

The alarm is hours away and in this hush of night, life wakes you up before the Sun even rises to make you think; 'Do you feel alive?' That question which appears common and easy to answer now crams you in a predicament, just because you woke up before your alarms. You put your blanket away, stay put to something that makes you vulnerable; widely opened eyes with immersed thoughts. The beats on your heart are same, still same, but now these breathes ain't. They are somehow heavy with long sighs engulfed with feelings of disappointment and they literally venge you to become melancholic. You keep wandering and pondering about what you're doing in all these years... 'You just survived, without thriving!'


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 "I was watching a crystal clear dream, an eternity so tender,

   A faint voice like the wind  was calling me up high in the sky,

   If we fly off, we can go anywhere but merely there.


 If a fragment of the future can be seen between the held hands,

   Then in the light, everything, words and thoughts, sway back and forth,

   I’ll be sure to pass them to you, in the distance, without having anything behind, just keep going."


You've lumbered a long way but that doesn't even feel like a step closer to your dreams and you remain as a lonely directionless-frivolous vagabond. It's sad what you did, didn't suffice the needs. You seem strong and lively with stretched wrinkled cheeks, with ridiculous loudness everyday among the others but the feeling of sadness quietly fills in, making you grief twirling you to solitude to where you're meant to be. The self loathing feeling arises to make you stumble again, you keep rolling around and eyes brim without notice. Yet you close your eyes  to stop the deepest fear and to survive again... while thriving is yet to come, just hoping the ordinary life gets better and more realistic. And all you need to do is keep doing your best.


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