Sunday October 17, 2021
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Aakrisha Gold Palace And Handicrafts P. Ltd.
Aakrisha Gold Palace And Handicrafts P. Ltd.

Aakrisha Gold Palace And Handicrafts P. Ltd.

Have you ever thought of buying jewelry and then changed your mind because you do not have enough cash at the moment or just do not want to imbalance the budget? Do you sometimes wonder if you could purchase jewelries in payment plans like other products? Well, that would be great!


Have you noticed that most of the times when you sell your ornaments even to the same jeweler from whom you bought, certain percentage is deducted again, when in reality, you had already paid the extra charge during the time of jewelry purchase. That’s not quite fair!


And, have you ever checked the accuracy of the weight of the product, like 1 tola is equal to 11.664gms, but most of the times customer only receive 11.6 gms. When you are paying such a high price, even the minutest inaccuracy in weight costs you significant amount of money. Why pay even an extra penny?


Are you completely assured of the purity of the material that you have purchased? How trustworthy is your jeweler? Do they have 100% buyback guarantee? Well, you must have the answers to these questions before purchasing any jewelry.




Did you know that there is a Jeweler that does not compromise even a bit in purity and weight, offers 100% buyback guarantee with 0% deduction in the contemporary gold price, and the best part of all: offers EMI Payment Plans on Gold and Diamond Purchase.


YES! All of these are true! Aakrisha Gold Palace offers all of these wonderful facilities in Gold Purchase.




Their journey started back in 2066 B.S. with a small jewelry shop. People were skeptic while purchasing gold from small shops as they would be investing a huge sum of money and were concerned about the quality and purity of Gold. Aakrisha Gold Palace also faced the issues of lack of Kaarigars and people’s doubts and concerns about the purity of their ornaments.


Despite the hurdles in expanding the business, where the market was led by Goldsmiths whose business was continuing from generations after generations, the will to explore the market of Gold and Silver trading, to enhance the image of all Jewelers enabled Aakrisha Gold Palace to establish their own production house in 2074. In the initial phase, they took orders from small jewelry shops for Goodwill Promotion.


LIKE IT IS SAID: Hard Work Always Pays Off!

Slowly, they started getting popular and launched their branches in three more different locations. As of today, they are capable of handling the orders of even the largest jewelry shop in the overall Budhanilkantha Municipality. 


Their expertise lies in designing all kinds of modern as well as traditional ornaments and handicrafts. You may also request to produce the jewelry of your own desired design.


P.S.: Even when other jewelers deduct up-to 15% amount while buying back ornaments from people, Aakrisha Gold Palace never deducted a single percentage.


We, Swadeh Sandesh appreciate this initiative of Aakrisha Gold Palace and Handicrafts in providing the excellent service to admirers of Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewelries.


Visit Aakrisha to see the latest collection of modern designed jewelries and ornaments.



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