Wednesday October 28, 2020
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Jokes Box

My Father Speaking

Little Bran: My son has a high fever and will not be able to come to school today. Teacher: Who is this? Little Bran: This is my Father speaking :)

A crazy driver

A policeman asked a driver, "How did the accident take place?" The driver replied, " Sorry sir! I was busy collecting fare from the passengers."

The Cunning God

(A man talking to God) The man: "God? How long is a million year?" God: "To me, it's about a minute."   The man: "God? How is a million dollar ?" God: "To me, it's a penny."   The man: "God? May I have a penny?" God: "Wait a minute!"😆😆

Screw my cap on

If it was a blustery day, you could be sure to hear my dad remark, “It was so windy today, I had to wrinkle my forehead and screw my cap on to keep it there!"

At the Dollar Store

During a job interview at the 99 Cents store, my son was asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” My son’s reply: “At the Dollar Store.” He got the job.

No horns please

Cows wear bells because they cannot honk their horns.

Such a handy thing

I recently broke my finger. On the other hand, I am okay.

Fate of parallel lines

Parallel lines have everything in common, yet its s shame that they will never meet.