Saturday July 20, 2024
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About Us

SwadeshSandesh.com is an online magazine. The major objective of Swadesh Sandesh is to spread positive thinking in the society through the positive and constructive articles published in it.


Society is a progressive system. It always develops towards positivity and it always aims for the highest civilization and beauty of lives.The fundamental requisite of a progressive society is freedom and Nepal has got its freedom only in recent years. Longest subjugation of freedom in Nepali society had affected education and awareness of the people and that resulted poverty. Those conditions had a huge impact on thinking of Nepali people. Now, the time has changed, Nepali people have achieved the long awaited freedom. Good and positive thoughts are intensifying.


Swadesh Sandesh is among those many endeavors who believe in transforming our society into the hardworking, beautiful and positive society we want, by making the limited positivity ubiquitous. We hope that you will join us for positive change in our society and our thinking to pave the way for a golden future for us and our descendants.