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Trekking in Nepal : Lifestyles to experience

Saloni Karki
Saloni Karki 5 YEARS AGO 1918 views
Lifestyle Saloni Karki

Lying in the majestic Himalayas, the never ending snow-lapped mountain ranges represent our small and beautiful country, Nepal. Diversified and dwelled with the beauty of culture, tradition and mesmerizing geography, Nepal invites thousands of tourist from all around the globe every year. Along with mountaineering, trekking has also started to become a major attraction for both, internal and external tourists trekking along the mountain trails of Nepal is a unique experience. People have started following the beautiful trekking trails, which leads to the heavenly ending, with the most breathtaking views one has ever witnessed in their lives. With the growth in the trekking agencies around the Kathmandu Valley also, one can think about the growth in popularity of trekking among the Nepalese as well as international tourists.

Annapurna region, Everest region and Langtang region are the major popular trekking regions in Nepal followed by many other trails namely Manasalu, Mustang and Kathmandu Valley that have their particular features. Exploring and discovering new trekking routes is the major task which are being carried out currently with the help of different travel agencies.

There are plethora of options for accommodation when trekking in Nepal categorized as trekking lodge, teahouse, guesthouse and hotel. The Local households offer rooms to the trekkers in their home in return of some cash is referred to teahouses. This is popular in the Annapurna circuit and Everest base camps along with the trails in the far western region. A trekking lodge is more commercialized than teahouses and provides additional facilities. The size of the lodges vary from 8 to 20 rooms approximately. The meals are served to the trekkers in a large seating area offering common, simple and hygienic meals. Furthermore, trekking guest house in the trekking trails are more modernized and well equipped than lodges. It usually is more comfortable in terms of the rooms, bathrooms, dining areas and meals that are served. Hotels are relatively new accommodation option in the trekking routes focusing on luxurious hospitality. However, it is not found on the remote trekking routes and is not common. Some places in the trekking routes will rent a tent and the space to pitch it and they will charge for it. The cost of the accommodation differs from the lodges respectively.

As per the Nepalese seasonal patterns, the best time to explore the beauty of Nepal is spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). The spring season offers a pleasant climate condition with a clear visibility of mountains. In addition, different types of flowers bloom both trees and ground which is pleasant to the eyes. Moreover, autumn season has its own specialty with a moderate temperature followed by excellent weather and alluring mountain views. Generally, trekking in most of the area is quite challenging due to monsoon rain and torrential weather causing landslides and unclear views. During winters, it is usually has snow fall in the higher elevations which is getting popular these days and more trekking can be observed in the lower elevations.

Nepal has six definite vegetation zones ranging from Tropical below a 1000m through sub-tropical 100m-200m, lower temperature 1,700m-2,780m upper temperature 2,400m-3000m, subalpine 3,000m-4,000m and Alpine 4,000m above the snowline is a Himalayan tundra. Each of these zones has its own special characteristics of flora and fauna which gives a trekkers an amazing experience.

Regarding the means of transport, trekkers can reach to the starting point of the trek via road or airways. There is a lot of interesting activities of locals that an individual can see while on a trek. Some of the instances include carrier carrying vegetables or any stuffs, kids’ walking a mile to reach their schools, donkeys carrying loads, yaks.

Trekking in Nepal can be made a solo-trip or they can hire a guide through a linked agent. However, the best way to travel by connecting with a travel agency that will provide individuals with experts who make sure everything is safe and sound and explore Nepalese cultural transparently. Trekking adds the adventure and creates a frame for capturing beautiful memories which one will cherish throughout his life.