Friday July 19, 2024
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The Power Of Faith Is Inevitable

Seleska Sharma
Seleska Sharma 3 YEARS AGO 893 views
Perception Seleska Sharma

Think good and good follows, think evil and evil follows. You are what you think all day long. Your mind is not evil. Actually, no force in nature is completely negative. It depends on how you use the power of nature.


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The only power is the movement of your thoughts. The suggestions and statements of other people have no power to hurt you until and unless your faith lets that happen. It's you, who has the power to choose how you will react or maybe ignore it. You always ought to use your mind to bless, heal, and inspire people everywhere. You are the captain of your soul. You have the power to choose. So choose health, happiness, choose to be friendly, lovable and the whole world will respond. It's all within you. Just look within for the answers to your heart's desire. All you need to do is change the stereotypical thoughts that have been occupying space unnecessarily in your mind for a long period of time. And then you'll realize that you can actually change your destiny.


Have faith to heal, to inspire, to strengthen and prosper yourself. The power of faith is inevitable.