Monday June 17, 2024
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The Jacaranda Blooms

Roniya Karki
Roniya Karki 3 YEARS AGO 2268 views
Literature Clayton From Pexels

It has been a year that my mom hugged me for the last time and whispered,” Safe Journey, love” and dad waved his goodbye with his eyes full of tears that were forcefully controlled from being fallen down. Some of my close friends and relatives wished me luck for a better life ahead. At the present, the real question that hits my head hard is, how is my life going on?


A couple of weeks ago, One of the Aussie (Australian citizen) friends said to me,” Spring in Brisbane city of Australia is beautiful and worth exploring it between October to  November.”And now I find it to be real. This city has started giving me the positive vibes as jacaranda has started blooming magically all over it. I get back the same feeling that I used to feel while riding my black and white scooter, where the wheels ran over beautifully scattered flowers of the jacaranda. From the very first time I saw jacaranda to till now, I always pause my walk for a few minutes to praise its beauty. I take a long breath, deep enough, and close my eyes to relieve all the hard feelings that I am facing in this new journey. Not holding it for too long, I open my eyes straightway and my heart feels so heavy out of suddenly finding myself in the real-life and apart from home. The jacaranda tree is still there looking at me, and I turn around and it makes me sad that I can’t find my best friend together to be happy with me. I always loved taking a picture of it every year. But something doesn’t feel right this year. It's kind of like something is incomplete. But that is how life is. Yeah, it is almost as  same as “The Jacaranda Bloom.”


  Jacaranda Blooms by Roniya


When springs start the bare branches of trees are ready to be decorated with all the flowers over them. Similarly, Life starts a phase when you need to be prepared and work hard for the fresh new sprouts for your future. A tree takes it’s time to get covered with all those fascinating flowers. Life in this foreign land is going through a lot of ups and downs. But these all are the pillars that are getting built for your better days ahead. For the first time ever in life, you get detached from your lifelines, and on the other hand that’s the exact same time that you feel emotionally attached to them. Deep inside you realize the value of your friends and family and all those moments that you shared when you were not physically distanced. At this point in life, I regret the time that I wasted doing nothing as I had at least the choice of living it fully with them. Now my eyes are seeing crystal clear and I can visualize my mistakes but no one can go back and replace the deeds.


I have heard that “It is never too late to start again.”Jacaranda tree represents wisdom and rebirth. It has started its first bloom welcoming the spring in Brisbane. Soon everyone will be mesmerized by its beauty. So will I. All the scattered flowers falling from the tree to the ground is adding beauty to nature. Indeed a lesson learned, every today’s fall will make my tomorrow bright and fruitful. The right trespassers in my life will always cherish my fall. For now, I will just cherish the moment until I no longer have to regret it. Isn’t it beautiful? Yes, it is.”The jacaranda and spring in Brisbane are beautiful.”

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