Friday July 19, 2024
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The Beautiful Ordinary

swadesh sandesh
Swadesh Sandesh 4 YEARS AGO 1961 views
Perception Aniza Gauchan

“The beautiful ordinary”, this might seem like a common topic but it has a deep-rooted value in my whole life. We often change every day or maybe every minute, we love to grow more and more, we love to get new things or even migrate to a new surrounding to have the pleasure of living. As the quote says - "we only live once", I have taken this idea into a whole new level, just because we only live once doesn't mean we have to try and experience everything without appreciating the things we already have. I still remember the post that I saw on social media- Facebook that said 'move into a new place, start a new life' - at first this post had a positive impact on me, I felt I could relate myself and moving in to a different place can change how I view my life and problems but as time passed I started thinking more and realized how wrong I was. It is just like you getting bored with the usual life and running away from it, seeking to start a new life in an unknown place and disconnecting yourself from who you are and where you belong.


I love taking pictures and writing too especially on the days when I have so much to talk and express without anyone knowing it. Taking photos has been my hobby since last year, and I know I am not great at it. But the photographs I take are the ones where I search for beauty in the usual thing that I come across, it might be just a plant or unique building or even the roads which I walk every day. Some of my friends wonder and ask why I always take the picture of the same spot? It is not even that attractive to be photographed! And I always give a simple reply saying "it looks great". But how I actually feel is, it is the same spot - the road is there, people pass by,  the sunlight is peeking through the trees, the sky is as beautiful as yesterday, it might not be a different place but it’s a different day, different time... thinking I could perceive all of this makes me happier and grateful.


People are so busy running after success and material extravaganza. They work in desperation. But, they forget to appreciate what they already have. This is causing stress and in the worst case it can even cause depression. My intention here is to remind all of us to look around, look up, look in our surroundings more often and notice the beauty rather than trying too hard and making efforts to go in a beautiful place to search for beauty.


Beauty lies in everything and it just needs to be loved to be seen!