Monday June 17, 2024
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Sweden to Reach Its 2030 Renewable Energy Goal This Year!

Ankur Chhipi Mourya
Ankur Chhipi Mourya 5 YEARS AGO 911 views

An exciting new report shows that Sweden has installed so much wind power, the country is now 12 years ahead of schedule for its renewable energy goals.

By the end of 2018, the Nordic nation will have installed over 3,861 wind turbines, with 7,506 megawatts of wind capacity being added through to December.

his amounts to roughly 18 terawatt-hours annually, according to data from the Swedish Wind Energy Association that was reported by Bloomberg.

This surge in wind power means that Sweden will be on track to meet their 2030 clean energy goals by the end of this year.


Source: GoodNewsNetwork

Photo by Christoph Hrdinka, CC