Friday April 19, 2024
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Promising... Yet To Come

Samir Gurung
Samir Gurung 3 YEARS AGO 1610 views
Perception Marc-Olivier Jodoin

I am a wanderer, I'm losing hopes and my watch too. I feel, 'when' has really forgotten me. All these gathering opportunities lure me with their quality gestures. I try to grab one of them yet I can't. Seems like my life is destined to fail and I keep losing myself in solitude, where hope is hard to bear. But my fate quietly tries to connect me to hope. And, I believe I am not doing much to reach the new beginning. Quests and queries are making my mind tremble. This pitiable journey of my life which I don't know where will it end and I'm confused, will I ever see a new beginning? 


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So empty but heavy, those murmuring happiness of their eyes make one's heart jealous. But for who I am, I try to restrain the demon inside of me. On a long journey with tides and waves, I'll try to row my ferry perfectly and carefully. Because I've got hopes, their hopes bestowed upon my weak shoulder that started to become stiffen this time. For every step I'm going to take, their hopes are the encouragement that keeps me going, that will make a life out of life. I don't want to forget the way and waste my steps chasing false hopes again. Now hope is a perfect thing, it's good to hope. I'm keeping up with it.