Friday February 23, 2024
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Ashirbad Paudel
Ashirbad Paudel 3 YEARS AGO 635 views
Perception Estony Yonjan

Life; an instantaneous notion.


Life, I am not an avid writer to pen jot down the words and express my feelings. I am not an mystic musician either who plays tunes in guitars and drums and flows emotions.I am a dumb crap indeed. I do not know how to ravel sentiments. Somehow, I endeavour to exhibit my self through art. However, a dilemma resides in my mind- What kind of an artist am I ? An aesthetic artist smears himself in color. He or she is lost in the dispersion of rainbow. Nevertheless, I favour solely two colors- black and white. I mostly sketch as I have been suffering from color blindness. It might be the reason that I draw ambiguously. I am an abstract artist undeniably.


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When I look back at my life I don't see scenes of triumph and jubilation besides failure, disdain, treachery and melancholy. I had strived a lot to suffice the state of contentment in the broken soul. Educational drop, heart break and hungry abdomen would tweak me a lot. I would be in pursuit of a beam of light amid the dark. I wanted to find the means to halt the gush of sadness. I wanted to kindle my past. I used to contemplate time when my patience could not hold the overflow of unhappiness flowing inside my heart. And all of a sudden an idea popped on my calm head to steer my feeling heart while exhaling and inhaling the cigar at dusk. I could see my clear future through the chunk of smokes. I thought to be Picasso.



I began to kindle the CANDLE to nurture the future.. I unaccompanied myself from every kind of kinship including my siblings and parents. I kept myself too busy in the PAST so that I could illuminate the LAMP and make FUTURE free of the dark unlike my bygone days. I took the brush and portrayed LIFE in an eerie silence. I portrayed both the attachment and the separation in love. I sketched the struggle of a broke trying to earn a pocketful. I depicted literate lads and lashes who lack the sense of benevolence. I had brushed myself to some extent in my own art indeed.


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I had performed penance of art for so long years. I yearned to to be the master of art and brighten my life with the flames of the LAMP. I was determined to shower optimism, bliss and peace in the future. I thought to supply oil in the lamp continuously and there would not be any trace of discomfort and pessimism like in the PAST. I wondered I wouldn't need to worry to find another candle when the burning candle finished. I started to draw the scenes of happiness apart from the mournful moments. I portrayed the two lovers wooing each other. I sketched the young boy helping the blind to cross the road. I kept on working and have been working in the PRESENT like an ass to gleam in the FUTURE.
I am engaged in mustering the art meanwhile. I had impregnated the PAST with the initiation of art . An aesthetic art is growing now. A healthy FUTURE will come out of the womb one day. I will ultimately become Picaso. I will be like Buddha whose art will enlighten the world and there will not be any dark. The lovers will not be anxious about separation. The literate lad and lass will help the old man and woman. Everyone will feed themselves. No one will suffer. I can forsee FUTURE will be fortunate in the LAMP.