Wednesday October 28, 2020
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Aastha Pandey
Aastha Pandey 1 MONTH AGO 178 views
Literature Photo By Andre Furtado

There's this feeling of joy every time I crash at songs,
Songs very particular, random yet specific.
Brings so much back, and only happy memories.
Takes me straight back to the times i floated around in ecstacy,
When everything around me used to be tempting,
These songs remind me of how carefree had I been.
Would anything hinder my flow of energy?
No! Nothing would I come across,
that'd change the feeling of immense happiness,
And I definitely have reasons for them,
I was in love.
In the continuous cycle of being in love and not,
I realised, I couldn't be any happier,
They said love makes everything tempting.
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Now that i'm out,
I know what it really was.
If i could choose one day,
Just one, the one when I was in love.
The one when I was soaked in love.
And if you know me dearly you know which day I'm talking,
I wanna go back to the day,
And take as many pictures as i can,
I wanna store the entire day in my eyes again,
But there's this feeling that says,
Even if everything falls right at the place and nothing is varient,
I wouldn't feel the same again,
It would be like watching my favourite movie,
I'd be overwhelmed but I am gonna know how things are gonna end,
There's this side of my heart that tells me to move on,
And I definitely will from that say yes.
Argh!I Need to have more best days in my life,
I can't just stay home waiting for them
to air Season 17 Greys anatomy,
I need to meet people!
I need to be at places!
Learn stuffs which i cannot otherwise,
Life can't just pause like this,
I need to grow!

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