Monday June 17, 2024
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Easy Way Out

Srijana Shrestha
Srijana Shrestha 3 YEARS AGO 615 views
Literature Photo By Elijah O'Connel

You think it's easy,

Easy to take away everything you've done,

Everything you've learnt,

All the things you've worked so hard for

Yes it's easy!

Easy to let go,

Let go of the dreams you've dreamt of,

Let go of the things you've wanted to say,

Just one jump or a slit in the wrist,

One decision takes away everything, 

But does it matter after that?


Do you even feel a thing after that?

You don't; it does matter though, 

To the people who love you,

The ones who have been there for you,

They feel everything that you don't,

They cry and you don't,

They're here and you're not

One decision, that's all it takes

It's easy, it always is

Just to you , only you.

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