Monday June 17, 2024
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Digital Nepal

swadesh sandesh
Swadesh Sandesh 5 YEARS AGO 2571 views

The year is 2018 and Nepal is steadily progressing towards digital economy.

Gone are the days when our nearest cyber cafes used to be crowded on weekends with people surfing Facebook and Skype because internet was a supplement and installation cost was expensive. Today, almost every household has an active internet connection. We see every individual carrying a Smartphone and surfing the internet in their mobile devices.

Furthermore, fast and inexpensive 2G, 3G and 4G services has boosted usage of the internet even more. This increase in the internet usage has opened up new opportunities for Nepalese enterprises. From social media advertisements to having own website, possibilities are endless. We see more and more businesses entering the digital world every day and why won’t they, especially when Nepalese consumers have started using internet as a major source of information. Need a book? Or some new clothes? Maybe a new phone?  Everyone’s immediate action would be checking it on the internet.

Digitization is slowly but surely reaching every Nepalese business sector. Whether it is mobile apps like Tootle and Pathao bringing transportation online or be it websites like Gro Fatafat bringing agriculture online, all kinds of businesses are making their presence on the web. Even schools and Montessori have started using their own mobile applications for communicating with the parents, fee payments, etc.

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