Friday July 19, 2024
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Dear Coffee

Seleska Sharma
Seleska Sharma 3 YEARS AGO 1144 views
Literature Photo By Elle Hughes From Pexels

Dear coffee, From the beginning till the end of time,

Your taste was, is and has been mine,

In the dark water, forever shining your light,

Like the stars grab attention of every eyesight.


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Without you I was every shade of night,

Faded and holding onto loneliness,

But with you now I finally see the light,

Yes, the light , grace and glow on my face.


I connected drops one by one until they led me to you,

They say life is grey without colour of love,

I am glad you added some hue,

Dear coffee, The sky is falling like a melted chocolate

But all I want is get back to you.

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