Friday April 19, 2024
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Prabidhi Kamal Kansakar
Prabidhi Kamal Kansakar 2 YEARS AGO 1476 views
Literature Https://images.app.goo.gl/BbnvSnYRwZcdojQf7


I was innocent

I had dreams to fulfill

I had ambitions to achieve

But what did you do?

You treated me like a lifeless object

You used my body for your pleasure

You broke me into a million pieces


I kept shouting for help, oh how much did I try

Alas! No one heard my pleading cry

I begged you to stop,

Frightened by the anger in your eyes,

That didn't seem to drop

But you didn't hear

You didn't seem to care


Slowly as I felt my last breath arrive

I looked at your face one last time

 The face didn't look like the man I loved

I saw the face of a devil whose toy I had become

I was your wife, how could you do this to me?

You burnt me alive in the pyre of my dreams.


The news of my harassment and murder was on for a week

Then what happened? It's like everyone went in a deep sleep

Don't light up candles on my name

Arrest the one who is to be blamed

All I want is justice


No, I don't want any of my sisters to go through this pain

 I don't want their ambitions to go in vain

Nepalese, you let me die but don't let others die like me

Don't let any more women get harassed

Nepalese, if you can hear my voice

Boycott these demons from the society

At least for you daughters' safety

Now I walk in the land of the  dead,

hanging my head down in shame

Where people laugh at me saying..

"Is she really from the country that respects women?"


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